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Mission Statement of Jehovah Lutheran Church

A community of joy – gathered around word and sacrament - celebrating, learning & sharing the love of God in Christ Jesus!

Sermons: Celebrating the Love of God in Christ Jesus!

Pastor Mark Press
Date of Sermon
Sermon Title
02/12/2017 What Choosing Life Means For Us
02/05/2017 The Fast That Matters To The Lord
01/29/2017 Cross Of Folly, Cross Of Weakness
01/22/2017 Joy In The Light Of Deliverance
01/15/2017 Named From The Womb For Mission To The Nations
01/08/2017 The Servant’s New Covenant: Life And Forgiveness
01/01/2017 Children Die For The Child Who Dies For All
12/25/2016 Close To The Father’s Heart
12/24/2016 A World-Class Display Of Love For You
12/18/2016 Strange Beginnings For A World Messiah
12/11/2016 Suffering Calls For Patient Endurance
12/04/2016 The Importance Of Steadfastness And Encouragement
11/27/2016 Life, Joyful Response To The Coming King
11/20/2016 Worshiping The King With Joyful Gifts
11/13/2016 Standing Firm In Faith And Prayer
10/30/2016 Grace, The Truth That Sets Us Free
10/23/2016 Propelled On A Mission To The World
10/16/2016 Word And Table Bring Us Life *
10/09/2016 The Word Calls To Faith And Creates Faith *
10/02/2016 God Readies Us For Worship *
09/25/2016 What Lutheran Worship Is, And Why We Worship *
  * Sermon is based on Scriptures referenced in the
"Our Way of Worship" booklet. Click link to view.
09/18/2016 God’s Ultimate Desire
09/11/2016 Good News For The Weak And Wandering
09/04/2016 Discipleship’s Costly Demands
06/19/2016 Demons Evicted, Christ Installed As Lord
06/12/2016 The Shape Of Faith-Filled Discipleship
05/29/2016 Who Deserves What – And Why It Matters
05/22/2016 Our Hope Rests Entirely On Jesus’ Resurrection
05/15/2016 Babel’s Broken Babbling Bonded By Buoyant Broadcast
05/08/2016 An Invitation Too Good To Refuse
05/01/2016 The Best Help God’s People Can Give
04/24/2016 Don’t Stand In The Way Of God’s Salvation!
04/17/2016 What We Learn From Paul’s Aim
04/10/2016 Man’s Reports vs. God’s Intentions
04/03/2016 Doors And Keys And Locks And Things
03/27/2016 Celebrating Life Within A Death-Oriented Culture
03/26/2016 Secure Tombs And Secure Lives
03/25/2016 The Source Of Eternal Salvation, Our Messiah
03/24/2016 Covenant Of Blood, Covenant Of Life
03/20/2016 Humbly Serving Neighbors In A Violent Culture
03/16/2016 Whose Interest Is At Heart For You?
03/06/2016 Self-Sacrifice On Behalf Of The Self-Serving
03/02/2016 A Time To Fight – A Time To – What?!
02/28/2016 Living God’s Image In A Sex-Crazed World
02/24/2016 Dealing With Temptation: Praying Or Sleeping?
02/21/2016 Compassionate Engagement Amid Political Firestorms
02/17/2016 A Divided Group, A Uniting Cup
02/14/2016 Joyful Witness In The Face Of Opposition
02/10/2016 What Returning To The Lord Looks Like
02/07/2016 What Shining Faces Can Tell Us
01/31/2016 A Real Cliff-Hanger In Jesus’ Hometown
01/24/2016 The Joy Of The Lord Is Your Strength!
01/17/2016 God’s Plan: Save The Best For Last
01/10/2016 The Father’s Pleasure In Jesus – And In You!
12/25/2015 God’s Mercy Mission To Planet Earth
12/20/2015 Full Wombs And Fulfilled Promises
12/13/2015 When God Shows Up, Good Fruits Prevail
12/06/2015 An Unlikely Herald, A Life-Changing Message
11/29/2015 Fearing, Praying, Seeing, Escaping, Standing
11/24/2015 People Of Faith Are Thankful People
11/22/2015 The Kingdom Of Truth, Out Of This World!
11/15/2015 Labor Pains Anticipating The End
11/08/2015 Show vs. Substance in Giving and Living
11/01/2015 How God’s Delays Work For Us
10/25/2015 Set Free By The Son To Live Anew!
10/18/2015 “Thy Kingdom Come” – A Dangerous Prayer!
10/11/2015 Tough Words For Serious Givers
10/04/2015 Sent To Proclaim Freedom For Prisoners
09/27/2015 Be Careful Which Persons You Hush!
09/20/2015 So What's Your Ambition?
09/13/2015 Public Opinion Or Personal Faith?
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